Apple MacBook Pro Prices and Specifications

Apple MacBook Pro Prices and Specifications For anyone who wants Apple MacBook Pro with the Retina Display from now prepare substantial funds for new Apple laptops are sold at a price that is not cheap. It's a great work deserves to be rewarded with a nominal which is also great. Macbook pro with a retinal display was introduced to the public with a rather lively and enthusiastic. With prices starting at $ 2199 or over 20 million dollars we could have a laptop with a quad-core processor specifications, slim design, adequate graphics, and super-resolution screen. What kind of a Macbook Pro Performance kesohoran let's discuss.


This is the biggest change made by Apple on the MacBook Pro since its aluminum unibody design adopted in 2008. Updated regularly with new processors and new features that make Apple's MacBook Pro became a common sight on television and in place - especially where the other executive offices and fancy restaurants. It previously existing 15-inch models that were deemed to be thin but not in conflict with the Macbook Air which is a series ultrabook from Apple.

Macbook Pro 2012 has been updated with Intel Core-i-generation that we are also familiar with the Ivy Bridge, and also using the Retina Display. So do not be surprised when it became the largest resolution (2880 x 1800 pixels) when compared with a windows laptop that only 1,920 x1, 080 pixels. This resolution is very useful for people working in the field of graphic design especially for those who frequently use Photoshop and the like.

Apple Macbook Pro itself recognizes that this is not a laptop-sized ultrathin ultrabook but, although its size is very thin for a class of laptop is only 1.5 cm. Meanwhile, when we see other manufacturers produce laptop with a 1.5 cm ultrabook call it, we own a little confused by the difference ultrabook thin laptop like what is clear about the features and Performance ultrabook superior to that currently on the market.

Retina Display

Display retinal display is a breakthrough in improving the existing screen. Currently this technology is applied to the iPhone, iPad, and the last is the Macbook pro and the future what kind of screen will be created, I do not know our own can not speculate. What is clear, according to Japanese researchers who want to create a larger screen ppi number, have been informed when the retina display on the verge of the limits of the human eye to see the clarity of the screen.

In everyday use - today screen looks amazing when compared to non retina of the Macbook pro is much different. For comparison, the display older macbook pro using the maximum resolution of 1440 X900-pixel.


Apple gives extra attention to the connection point. Apple Macbook Pro is equipped with Ethernet, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2 USB 3.0, 2 Thunderbolt, SD card reader unfortunately no optical drive. Apple provides some SSD option, if the standard conditions we will get 256 GB of storage capacity, while if you want to upgrade 512 GB and 768 GB will be appreciated from 2799 U.S. dollars.


Pros: high resolution display that does not exist on any laptop, with the Retina Display makes pictures and simple text clearly visible. Despite having a size of a component made of a thin but strong material, including supporting Nvidia GPU support.

Disadvantages: The price is too expensive $ 2199 may be just the executives who are interested in having. USB 2.0 port only 2 pieces, no optical drive.

Apple MacBook Pro prices

Currently in Indonesia is still not signed but there diluaran sold for $ 2199 U.S. for SSD capacity of 256, while if we are interested in upgrading should be willing to pay $ 500.

Apple MacBook Pro specs

Processor / Chipset

  • Processor Intel Core i7 3rd Gen 2.3 GHz
  • Number of Cores Quad-Core
  • Cache L3 cache - 6 MB


  • RAM 8 GB
  • Max Supported RAM 16 GB
  • Technology DDR3L


  • Floppy Drive None
  • Hard Drive 256 GB
  • Solid state hard drive type


  • Type 15.6 in
  • Max Resolution 2880 x 1800

Audio & Video

  • Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce GT 650m
  • Sound Microphone


  • Technology Lithium polymer
  • Installed Qty 1

AC Adapter

  • Output 95 Watt

Connections and Expansion

  • Slots 1 x SDXC card slot
  • Interfaces 3 x USB - USB,
  • 1 x HDMI - HDMI,
  • Headphones


  • Software Included Drivers & Utilities


  • Cables Included Power cable (1 pcs.)

Dimensions & Weight

  • Width 14.1 in
  • Depth 9.7 in
  • Height 0.7 in
  • 4:46 Weight lbs
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