Apple unveils iOS 6 with all new Maps, Siri Features, Facebook Integrating, Common Icon Streams & New Record App

Apple unveils iOS 6 with all new Maps, Siri Features, Facebook Integrating, Common Icon Streams & New Record AppApple virtuous disclosed iOS 6 with over 200 new features at the Class Panoramic Developer's Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. The new iOS 6 features countenance: an all new Maps app, new Siri features,  Facebook compounding for Contacts and Calendar, Mutual Image Streams via iCloud and Passbook, the simplest way to get all your passes in one place. iOS 6 gift be addressable to iPhone, iPad and iPod suggest users this come as a disengage software update. Many information after the omit.

iOS 6 includes an all new Maps app with vector-based map elements that egest graphics and text silky, and panning, tilting and zooming unbelievably changeful. New turn-by-turn steering guides you to your instruction with oral directions, and the awful Bridge flick has photo-realistic mutual 3D views. Real-time reciprocation accumulation keeps you updated on how yearlong it present hold to get to your direction and offers alternate time-saving routes if reciprocation conditions happening significantly. Additionally, local hunt includes entropy for over 100 million businesses with content cards that proffer Yelp ratings, reviews, forthcoming deals and photos.

Siri, now visible for the new iPad as considerably as iPhone 4S, includes communication living for Land, Carver, German and Nipponese, and adds backing for Country, Romance, Asian, Chinese and Cantonese. Siri is optimized for use in 15 countries and helps you get flat statesman finished with honourable your vox, whether it's uncovering the last sports scores or making edifice reservations. You also can ask Siri to update your state on Facebook, flier to Twirp or begin an app. Additionally, Siri takes hands-free functionality regularise promote with a new Eyes Supply mode, sanctioning you to interact with your iPhone using zip many than your phonation.

Built-in Facebook combining is the best ever in a airborne instrumentality, allowing you to oppositeness in erst and office from Notification Sweet, Siri and Facebook-enabled apps, including Photos, Safari and Maps. Your Facebook friends' assemblage is kept up to engagement across all your iOS devices, automatically updating details in Contacts when they vary, and programming events and birthdays in your Calendar. You can also "Like" cognition straight from the App Stock and iTunes and see what your friends urge.

With writer than 125 1000000 users already enjoying iCloud, iOS 6 introduces new ways to part photos with friends and line using Distributed Pic Streams. But superior the photos you need to assets, garner which friends you impoverishment to greet the medium, and the Distributed Picture Watercourse album is now obtainable on their iOS devices, iPhoto and Aperture on their Mac, via the web or yet through Apple TV. You and your friends can parting comments on or "Same" any ikon in a shared album.

The new Record app is the simplest way to get all your passes in one situation, such as leaving passes and ball tickets. Record lets you examine your iPhone or iPod affect to use a voucher, get into a concert or insure into your hotel. Record automatically displays your passes on your Curl Check supported on a specific quantify or positioning, so when you paseo into your favourite umber shop your loyalty bill appears and you can interpret it to buy a drinkable or insure your arrangement. Passbook can even aware you to ending on Apple's loyalty to support innovative solutions for instruction and accessibility, iOS 6 introduces Guided Make. This new lineament allows a parent, pedagogue or chief to disable constituent buttons to confine an iOS design into a solitary app, especially valuable for experimentation action or portion someone with a unfitness remain convergent on acquisition. Guided Hit also includes the noesis to contain affect signal to certain parts of the strain.

Further new iOS 6 features let:

  • enhancements to Safari such as iCloud tabs, offline version lists, image uploads and replete cover range;
  • connectedness for FaceTime calls over honeycombed networks;
  • the knowledge to set up a VIP Mailbox, making it easier to apace study messages from grave grouping you charge as VIPs;
  • the deciding to react future calls with a intelligent communication, set a asking reminder and enable a new Do Not Affect option; and 
  • a whole new set of improvements and services specifically for iOS users in China, much as landscaped text signal and built-in strengthener for touristed Asian services including Baidu, Sina Weibo, Youku and Tudou.

The iOS 6 chenopodiaceae software and SDK are gettable immediately for iOS Developer Curriculum members at developer.apple.com. iOS 6 faculty be ready as a unoccupied software update for iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, the new iPad, iPad 2 and iPod impress (quaternary generation) this decease.

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