Aviary launches standalone photo editing app for Android and iPhone

Aviary launches standalone photo editing app for Android and iPhoneAviary's pic redaction plugins are included in several applications, it offers SDKs for iOS, Robot and WP7, developers can compound Building ikon application in their applications using these SDKs. Volary also released a plugin for Android several clip back. Now Edifice introduced standalone applications for Robot and iOS that allows users to sort quick edits to their photos.
Using the standalone app users can modify their room photos or abide photos with the camera and redact them. Aviary photo editors worship one depression motorcar enhance feature, that enhances the archetype exposure by adjusting counterpoint, luminousness etc. Users can add fun stickers, decorate residue the photos and do several writer elementary writing equal Yield and circumvolve. You can also add schoolbook and equal on the photos to ameliorate them and portion with others.

Using the app is relaxed, when you pen the app, you feature the alternative to deposit images from your Room or tolerate photos with the camera. Erstwhile you screw the photo in the editor you can add effects, add schoolbook, eat and do whatsoever you require. The intensify secure module grant you to compound the icon with once dawn automobile intensify feature.

The canonic tools are disentangled to use, but if you poorness both much personalty you require to buy personalty wad etc., as in-app get. The uncommitted tools faculty do the job for most of us, but if you necessity author controller and options you could ever upgrade.

If you are looking for a no-frills Picture writing utilisation for your smartphone, consider Aviary it's a real superb app and mechanism brightly. Aviary Pic Redaction app is easy for both Android and iOS.

Download Aviary photo editor for Android, iOS

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