Canon EOS-1DX Price and Specifications

Canon EOS-1DX Price and Specifications - Canon has announced the Canon EOS-1D X which is the latest professional digital SLR 18 Megapixel Full Frame capable of taking images up to 14 FPS with AF. Maybe the camera is intended to replace or continue the success of previous series such as the 1D Mark IV and 1DS Mark III. If you see does not seem any significant change from previous 1D cameras but it has actually been redesigned with better quality hardware. The new device would bring new features and new features is embedded by Canon on a given weapon flagship title Canon EOS-1D X.

Triple Processor

Do not want to instill responsibility in even the most sophisticated hardware was pinned. Canon EOS-1D X has the 3 most recent fruit of the DIGIC processor 5, the ability of the processor is equivalent to 17 times the speed of the data on the DIGIC 4. Certainly impact on the speed of image processing becomes faster, no doubt the ability jepretannya able to capture 14 images per second up to a maximum resolution of 18MP.
Canon EOS-1D X using the correct image sensor - completely new, this sensor uses 1.25 micron pixel sized larger than the sensor on the EOS-ID Mark IV and 55 microns larger than the EOS 5D Mark II. Accompanied by a gapless mikrolense can fine-tune the higher photo sensitivity and less noise.

61 AF points

61-Point High Desnity reticular AF on the Canon EOS-1D X is claimed by Canon to be the most advanced AF ever released. We can set up a tracking sensitivity, acceleration, and deceleration AF point all of them can easily do the AF menu tab.

Exposure Control

This feature is the first time applied by DSLR Canon DIGIC processor 5 is used exclusively for the metering process in order to more quickly and accurately. This capability helps us to adjust eksopusur, autofocus, Auto Lighting Optimizer, and Image stabilizer.

Multiple Exposure Modes

Canon EOS-1D X is the first DSLR Canon EOS camera that has a Multiple Exposure capabilities. The camera can combine nine individual images into a single picture without needing to enter prior to the computer. Provides four different methods of merging images including Additive, Average, Bright and Dark. The results in real time can we see on the LCD. No need to fear either because these cameras provide features "undo" allows us to restore to its original position.

Super High Speed ​​Mode

As we have mentioned above that this camera can capture images up to 14fps at full resolution 18 Megapixels in JPEG format. This new camera can produce RAW format images, JPEG, or RAW + JPEG with speeds of up to 12 FPS in single shots.

There are still other features such as optimal design and ergomis, LAN and USB connections as well as other accessories such as Canon Wireless Transmitter WFT-E6A and bluetooth.

Price Canon EOS-1D X

Estimated retail price when it reached U.S. $ 6,800, so be prepared to drain your pockets deeper. Of course the price is commensurate with the images created, perfect for use by professional photographers. Interested?

Specifications Canon EOS-1D X

There is still no official confirmation from Canon related specification details. Later if there will be updated on this page.
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