Feature & Spesification Mito 677

Feature & Spesification Mito 677Mito 677 is a touch screen phone that is designed according to the size of the palm of the hand of Asia. The phone is given a touch a touch screen user interface (UI) is efficient. Mito 677 comes with a 2.8-inch touchscreen with support for dual GSM + GSM. Bandrol this phone with a fairly inexpensive and for Mito 677 available colors red and black. Mito 677 Other interesting features such as TV tuner, camera, MP3/MP4 player, FM radio, Bluetooth, and microSD slot. Not only that Mito 677 is also provided social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) are also instant messanging and timepiece.

Feature & Spesification Mito 677
  • Dual GSM
  • Touchscreen LCD 2.8"
  • TV Tuner
  • Digital Camera
  • Mp3/Mp4
  • FM Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro SD Slot
  • Yahoo
  • Facebook
  • Detik.com
  • Kompas

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