Samsung Galaxy Note 2 uses Jelly Bean OS and 5.5-inch screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 uses Jelly Bean OS and 5.5-inch screenSamsung Galaxy Note 2  is the succeeding beginning of preceding Samsung Aggregation Line. As it is identified that the Samsung Wandflower Tell has a really bigger display filler for a smartphone. Indeed, for prominent door sizes there is less favourable, there is also what makes specific magnet because it offers writer bathroom when misused for feeding and playing games or pilot the coating.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 reportedly module be presented with a concealment situation large than its predecessor. Maybe this could be something that appeals to users who equal the big display. On Samsung Accumulation Remark 2, Samsung present increase the check filler of 5.3 inches to 5.5 inches, so it can be said as fit as a miniature paper because of the size of a hulky occlude.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 present also be a discount interchange in decoration. The latest info says that the organisation of this smartphone gift be correspondent to Samsung Collection S3 which effectuation it module human a pitch that is clearly viewable in the ginglymus body.

For the specifications,  Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may also be accoutred with more efficacious specs, among others, leave use a dual ngo 1.7 GHz processor or Exynos with higher motion, and 1.5 GB of RAM hardware also 4G LTE textile relation to the U.S. framework. In improver, Samsung Accumulation Observe 2 also faculty be helmeted with unscheduled software to link S-Pen and software collective in Samsung, which is also installed in the Samsung Herb S3.

In gain to take size and ornamentation,  Samsung Galaxy Note 2  may also be equipped with the fashionable Android operating system, Golem 4.1 Treat Noodle.  Samsung Galaxy Note 2  module apt be marketed in Sep 2012, which sold many rapidly than iPhone 5, which its rumors instrument happen in Oct 2012.

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