Five Best Desktop Mice

Five Best Desktop Mice - Choosing the best mouse to use is a pretty personal decision often comes to taste and how the mouse feels in the hand, but there are certainly some obvious models most of us would recommend to my friends if they ask us. Well, we ask that you also desktop mouse you think is the best, and this week we will look at five of the best, based on your nominations.

Five Best Desktop Mice

Earlier this week, we issued a call for the mouse you think is the best. You answer, give us more than 400 nominations and dozens of different models and manufacturers. As we said in the call for competitors, we have to consolidate some of the models are similar to each other or substitute one another to keep things interesting, but unfortunately, we only have room for the big five:

Logitech Performance Mouse MX/MX Revolution

Performance Mouse MX ($ 99.99 retail) is the mainstay of non-gaming mouse Logitech. MX Revolution, his predecessor, and the MX1000 just before that all share the same basic features and design, but performance MX is the first mouse to roll them all into one neat and tidy package. MX Sports darkfield sensors on the bottom that can track the reflective surface and glass, thumb-switch to activate Exposé in OS X Expose-like applications on Windows that ships with the Logitech mouse, charging system that lets you use the mouse while it is charging, long-lived battery, and runs a small receiver that is designed to just be left in the USB port and forgotten as long as you use a wireless mouse. This is an expensive product, but the mouse of choice for most of us at Lifehacker HQ because it's just so comfortable and just the right number of buttons.

Logitech MX 518

MX 518 ($ 98 at Amazon, is no longer available from Logitech) is a model that stands alone. Many gamers consider the top MX 518 Logitech mouse game, and while Logitech has tried to push it aside in favor of Logitech G400 (sucessor design), MX tremendous popularity in the 518 to keep store shelves in some places. 1800 dpi sensor that has been outdated by newer models, but on-the-fly resolution switching, the thumb button and the scroll, and really smooth, curved design that has a bit of a cult following. It will not win in the feature, but I can not count the number of FPS gamers-especially fans, who just prefer the feel of the MX 518 for G-series that came after it. Grab while you can though, most likely will not be available much longer.

Logitech G-Series (G5/G500/G700)

We have to consolidate many of the G series, partly because if not many of them will dominate the top five, but also because some models sucessors others-the G500 ($ 69.99 retail) is derived from the G5 (which is derived from the MX 518, mind you) and G700 ($ 99.99 retail) fell from the G7 (wireless version of the G5 itself) However, G500 and G700 feature darkfield laser-enabled sensor with resolution up to 5700 dpi switchable .. G500 is a cable, and the G700 can be used while charging cable or wirelessly completely, and both models feature programmable buttons, on-the-fly dpi switching. G500 is also equipped with a heavy tray and ship with a variety of small weights so you can adjust the weight of the mouse with your preferences. G700 sports a few extra programmable buttons on the surface and the large toe and smooth so that sliding the mouse on a mousepad or desk surface.

Razer Naga

Razer Naga ($ 79.99 retail) turned heads at first because it seems to have a number of silly buttons on the side, but very quickly caught on with fans of the MMO and the productivity of the same bean. Both groups worship the dozen-plus programmable buttons on the mouse that can be programmed for macros or actions in a complex game in almost any application, from the browser into your word processor into your email client. Dragon also features interchangeable side panel so you can get a comfortable grip, 5600 dpi laser sensor with switchable resolution, and more. If the Dragon is not enough for you, you can always pick up the Epic Dragon ($ 129 retail), a wireless version with a grip slightly modified, or Hex Dragon ($ 79.99), a version of the Dragon with the side-buttons arranged in a hexagonal pattern is designed to MOBAs (online multiplayer arena battle) such as the League of Legends and DOTA.

Saitek Cyborg R.A.T. Series

If you are looking for a mouse that you can actually adjust and tweak it to fit your specific hand, Cyborg RAT line (starting at $ 59.99 for up 3 for $ 149.99 for the RAT, RAT 9 retail) is for you. Each model gives you some control over how the mouse-shaped, with a fast and toggles that let you extend the thumb-rest if you like, change the overall length of the mouse so it fits in your hand or work with your choice of grip, sporting a set of weights in the under which you can use to change the weight of the mouse, and laser precision (dpi variable based on the model you buy) sensor with switchable dPI settings built-in. Mouse ships with collapsible armrest and grip, programmable buttons and programmable mouse-range settings that you can switch with the touch of a button, and others. It may look daunting at first glance, but it's very strong-and-mouse adapted for the money.

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