How to Change Android Font

How to Change Android Font - Because until now there is no official Android ICS for Galaxy Tab 8.9 but had wanted to feel used rather than having to install the unofficial theme mending we use ICS wrote. After installation is menglakukan theme ICS ICS did not like the look of the actual due to font. Do not worry The Jolys will discuss how to change the font in a font Roboto Android Ice Cream Sandwich official font.
  • Before you perform the installation, you should first download the Google Font Changer Play, once again make sure the android smartphone is already in a state of rooting. To download Font Changer for free, you can visit Google Play.
  • Finished downloading, install applications to your tablet or smartphone android. Wait until the installation is complete.
  • When the installation process Font Changer on Android smartphones running smoothly and finishes, now is the time Roboto font for free download here.
  • Once the download is complete, the next step is to unzip the file.
  • On your phone, then go to System> Fonts and copy the file smua. Ttf of files that have been made earlier and paste filetersebut unzip into your memory card in a folder fontchanger.
  • Once you do copy and paste the file, then the next step is to stay open the application and select the font Roboto earlier.
  • Once you select it, restart to complete the final stages of the installation process.
  • Once you akitf android, then you will see the font you would turn into exactly Roboto font that is used by the operating system Ice Cream Sandwich Official.
So just a tutorial how to change the font on your android tablets and phones may be useful.
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