How to Jailbreak iOS 6 Latest

How to Jailbreak iOS 6 Latest - Since its release September 19, iOS 6 is constantly updated with the new features in order to reduce and minimize the errors that exist in the operating system. While users, especially users iDevice (iPod, iPhone, iPad) are hooked to jailbreak, must be patient.
Why? Because, until now there has been no way to jailbreak the officially released by hackers. Such as The Dream Team. "It is very clear if it can not be iOS 6 jailbreak. Currently we are trying as much as possible., But may take weeks, or more than a month," the personnel of The Dream Team on Twitter @ pod2g.

Absinthe and RedSnow may release his jailbreak apps. However, the released version is tethered. Not untethered. That is, if you reboot your iDevice, should direct plug-in to the computer. Install Cydia again. Oops! Repot well, well ..

iOS 6 does have a lot of fantastic new features that more than the previous edition. This operating system has over 200 new features, including visualization of three-dimensional aka 3D map.

Many interesting applications in iOS 6. Certainly without tweaks because until now no one has released his jailbreak. If you want free apps too, patiently.
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