Lenovo LePad A2107 – First Dual SIM Tablet with ICS OS

Lenovo LePad A2107 – First Dual SIM Tablet with ICS OSLenovo LePad A2107 is the new tablet from Lenovo and may be the world's rank dual SIM paper for now. While galore vendors are vying with apiece opposite to create their tablet, with size of the thinnest, unexcelled camera, change fit it with high-resolution sort. But, Lenovo chose its own way, is provide by Lenovo LePad A2107 with twofold SIM capacity equal a smartphone.

Lenovo LePad A2107 with its advantages became one of single tablets because it can comprise 2 Booster Sameness Power (SIM) that can be victimized interchangeably without having to shift and reinstall the salutation. In element, the tablet is also accoutered with a 3G relation.

Lenovo LePad A2107 using a 7-inch capacitive display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, with quantify of 400 grams and 11.5 millimeters thickened. This paper runs on Robot 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating scheme, and is powered by a single-core processor swiftness of 1 GHz MTK6575, backed by 1GB of RAM, and 16GB of inside storage power and can be swollen by using microSD slot.

Added features of Lenovo LePad A2107, among others, are helmeted with duple cameras, a 3MP water camera on the place, and figurehead camera for recording option or recording jaw. For show, the paper is armed with a susceptibility of 3550 mAh battery which is claimed to wreak for 10 hours. For now, the Lenovo LePad A2107 has been marketed in Crockery, but unluckily not yet familiar when it give be marketed globally.

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