Tabulet Octa 2 – Gingerbread Tablet with Phone and SMS functions

Tabulet Octa 2 – Gingerbread Tablet with Phone and SMS functionsTabulet Octa 2 will be the peer of its predecessor which has reaped success, Tabulet Octa. Tabulet Octa 2 is presented with statesman complete and unputdownable features than its predecessor. This paper was launched to receive the needs of Land electronics consumer market in high-quality paper PC with a relatively tacky toll.

Tabulet Octa 2 uses 8 inches capacitive surface, slightly larger than Tabulet Octa which measure of 7 inches. This impede supports multitouch 6 points, and has a resolve of XGA HD-quality (1024×748 pixels). Tabulet Octa 2 concealment is accoutered with Opposed Specular place, thereby minimizing the comment of sunshine if the tablet is utilised open. In opposite line, users of Tabulet Octa 2 faculty be wanton to use Tabulet Octa 2 in outdoors, with borderline sluttish image on the obturate.

Tabulet Octa 2 runs on the Golem 2.3 Gingerbread operative scheme, powered by the Arm Endocrine A8 1GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB of intramural retentiveness. The interior retentiveness can be enlarged up to 32 GB using a MicroSD. Tabulet Octa 2 comes with writer hearty features than its predecessor. Tabulet Octa 2 comes with a built-in 3G modem, which has financed the HSDPA discipline, which delivers assemblage at speeds resourceful of up to 7.2 mbps. In increase, the modem can also be victimised as a hot speckle. Not forgetting the sound and SMS functions hit been presented in Tabulet Octa 2.

Tabulet Octa 2 also provides a USB to Go opening. With USB to Go, Tabulet Octa 2 can be siamese to an outside Merciless Plow and Mouse. With this employment, the user can fulfill editing substance or files on another maneuver and conversely. In element to WiFi and Bluetooth, there's a mini HDMI port for easy transportation to a disunite TV or monitor, and is also free GPS and accelerometer (G-Sensor).

Tabulet Octa 2 is also accoutred with multiple cameras, 2MP camera on the aft and VGA in the cheat. There are three pleasing colours, Clean Unintegrated, Magnificent Negro and Spirited Red. Though Tabulet Octa 2 is set to be released, alas Tabulet soothe reluctant say how untold the attorney cost of Tabulet Octa 2, but most credible the toll leave not be far from its predecessor.

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